Preview of the Slot Game Hot Rod Racers

Stop tinkering with the engine and take a spin on Hot Rod Racers, a slot machine brought to you by Relax Gaming. There have been a few launches of high-performance car-themed slots like Road Rage and Mad Cars before to this article’s publication, and now a slot machine from Relax Gaming is getting its paint job and engine tuned up. All right, enough with the automobile analogies (for now). We have been debating whether or not to launch a slot machine game centered on muscle cars, complete with sticky Wheelspin Wilds during free spins, a progressive multiplier feature, and a few additional purchase possibilities.

The central event of Hot Rod Racers takes place in a garage crammed to the gills with cars in varying states of repair. All are flashy muscle vehicles waiting for an empty stretch of road where their drivers can press the pedal to the metal and witness the fruits of their labor. The background is a fairly intense rock song, which sounds like it was blasted from a dusty, old plastic stereo in the middle of a garage where mechanics were working feverishly to get every last bit of power out of the automobiles they were working on.

If you’re the type of gambler who enjoys very erratic rides, the mechanism under Hot Rod Racers is hard to pick many flaws in. The base RTP is 96%, and if you purchase into any of the bonus rounds, it will increase to 97%. You may play it on any device you choose, and wager anywhere from 10 pence to 40 pounds or euros every spin.

This activates the game grid with 5 reels. There are 30 paylines available, with three to five of a type on each of the reels. For a winning line to count, it must appear on at least three consecutive reels, beginning with the first reel. The lower-paying four suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades) pay out 2.5 times the wager for a full house (5 of a kind), while the higher-paying four premiums (blue, green, red, and purple hot rods) pay out 5-10 times the wager for a full house (5 of a kind). All right, strap in for the exciting parts.

Slot Machines with Hot Rod Racing Themes

Wheelspin Wilds are the first feature to discuss, and they appear on reels 2-5. When a Wheelspin Wild appears, it may replace any standard pay sign and also make any high-paying vehicle symbols to its left into wilds. A +1 multiplier is added to any winnings that involve a Wheelspin Wild or a high-paying symbol that has previously been changed by a Wheelspin Wild. Five wilds in a row pays out 20 times the wager.

Bonus Turns

When three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere on reels one, two, or three, free games are triggered and played for ten times. Wheelspin Wilds are sticky during free spins, meaning that they will remain in the same position on the grid and activate their bonus with each free spin.

Amazingly Free Turns

When 3 scatters appear on reels 2-4 and the Nitro Wilds appear on reels 1 and 5, you’ll be rewarded with 10 super free spins. During free games, Wheelspin Wilds remain fixed in place and trigger their function at the beginning of each free game. Any high-paying symbol that is turned into a wild during the super free spins bonus will have its position multiplied by 1. When a wild symbol appears or a wild conversion takes place, these multipliers are used. The x5 multiplier remains in effect until the end of the super free spins round and does not reset between spins. Multiplying the values of those utilized in a victory is the first step when using multiples.

Purchase Option

To those that qualify, two options are available for purchasing extras. There are two kinds of free spins rounds, one that awards 100 times your wager and the other that awards 400 times your wager.

Slot Decision in Hot Rod Racing

It may take some time for those who aren’t very interested in automobiles to warm up to Hot Rod Racer. We have to admit that, while Hot Rod Racers does have a passable visual presentation, something about it does feel a little bit cheap. As if the owner of a hot rod ran out of money in the middle of an upgrade and had to settle with silver-coated plastic instead of true chromed metal. However, after some use, the yellow plastic below the car’s silver paint is starting to show through. When the game’s latent abilities come screaming to the fore, though, the graphics aren’t exactly a show-stopper, and Hot Rod Racers doesn’t go to that extreme.

When the Wheelspin Wild feature begins piling up multipliers, that’s the big deal, the part when the automobile bursts into flames or where the fluffy dice dangle from the rearview mirror. Its function is similar to that of Road Rage’s zooming symbols, albeit it is much more straightforward here while still being quite powerful in its execution. After purchasing super free spins, Hot Rod Racer finally pushed the pedal to the metal for the first time, producing an unexpectedly massive win of 7,000x from a single free spin. Okay, not completely unexpectedly, given the preceding free spins had accumulated a few hefty position multipliers, but it was nevertheless as if the game had turned on the nitrous gas. It reminded me a lot of Top Dawg$’s sticky wild multiplier effect. Hot Rod Racers, like Top Dawg$, has a win ceiling of 25,000x the bet, and judging by our testing, it has more than enough firepower to potentially challenge that amount.

While the super free spins feature may be the game’s highlight, both the regular and super free spins offer plenty of entertaining moments. Although it may not always go from 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds, the Wheelspin Wild function keeps the action moving. This means that gamers who aren’t necessarily fans of fast vehicles but who do enjoy the thrill of powerful multipliers will likely find something to enjoy in Hot Rod Racers.






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